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Bypass SSH login

Posted on Friday 2nd of December 2011 by Eric Potvin

Login to a development or a production server without entering a password

Change the default crontab editor

Posted on Wednesday 9th of February 2011 by Eric Potvin

How to change the default editor if the one by default is not your favorite

Diff files from two folders

Posted on Sunday 13th of February 2011 by Eric Potvin

Simple command to check the difference between two folders

Find Hardware Specs in Linux

Posted on Saturday 11th of June 2011 by Eric Potvin

Find hardware such as CPU, Graphic, Network, Memory, Disk etc...

My .vimrc

Posted on Friday 8th of July 2011 by Eric Potvin

This is my .vimrc ... in case I forget it! It maybe sound ridiculous but it maybe be useful one day

Read HFS on Ubuntu

Posted on Saturday 6th of July 2013 by Eric Potvin

Read Mac OS HFS CD or DVD on Ubuntu using HFSPlus

Slow SSH Connection

Posted on Monday 25th of April 2011 by Eric Potvin

How to fix the slow connection to a remote server