Book Of Zeus is a website dedicated to learning and teaching open source technology such as:

  • Programming languages like: Java, C, Python, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Databases like: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Styling: CSS3, Media Queries, Sass
  • OS like Docker, k8s, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian
  • Android applications
  • Version control system like Git, SVN
  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Our main objective is simple: To help our visitors to learn open source technology by building a community of learners and experts for asking questions and providing answers to open source technology.

Quick story about Zeus

The Greek god Zeus was the top Olympian god in the Greek pantheon. After he took credit for rescuing his brothers and sisters from their father Cronus, Zeus became king of heaven and gave his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, the sea and the underworld, respectively, for their domains.

Zeus is father of gods and men. A sky god, he controls lightning, which he uses as a weapon, and thunder. He is king on Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods. He is also credited as the father of Greek heroes and the ancestor of many other Greeks. Zeus mated with many mortals and goddesses but is married to his sister Hera (Juno).