My .vimrc

Posted on Friday July 08, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

.vimrc is the config file for Vim. It is usually stored in the home directory of the user. Here's the most common feature I have in my .vimrc file.

set nowrap
"set showmatch
set tabstop=4
set shiftwidth=4
"set expandtab
set ruler
set foldcolumn=2
set nowrap
nmap <F8> :set wrap! wrap?<CR>
" change // style comment to phpDoc comment
nmap <F1> :s/\(.*\)\/\/ \(.*\)/\/**\r *\r *\r * \2\r *\r * @param\r * @return\r *\/<CR>
map <C-P> :!php -l %<CR>

map <C-M> :NoMatch<CR>

set hlsearch
"set incsearch
set background=dark
"set textwidth=1000
"set number
"set backspace=indent,eol,start
set noshowmatch

syntax on
"set NoMatch
let g:loaded_matchparen=1