Add content dynamically by Scrolling using jQuery

Posted on Saturday September 29, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Improve your loading time and user experience by loading your content dyncamically

Ajax Response: JSON or XML?

Posted on Saturday August 11, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Caching, performance, output, complexity: Stop using XML and start using jSon

Build better forms with jQuery and CSS

Posted on Saturday September 08, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Create smart forms using jQuery, jQuery Validator and CSS

Building a basic website with pushstate and ajax

Posted on Saturday February 16, 2013 / by Eric Potvin

How to build an easy website in LAMP with PHP, Ajax and pushstate

Create an Ajax Login with jQuery

Posted on Friday July 20, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Create a simple Ajax login form using jQuery without refreshing the page.

Create better jQuery plugins

Posted on Wednesday April 18, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Tips on how to create better, reliable and easy to use jQuery Plugins.

Drag and Drop Upload files using Ajax

Posted on Saturday October 06, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Quick and neat way to upload files by using drag and drop with Ajax.

Dynamically shortened Text using jQuery

Posted on Saturday March 23, 2013 / by Eric Potvin

How can you shortened text or paragraph dynamically using jQuery.

Extend your own jQuery code

Posted on Wednesday July 13, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

Create custom JavaScript prototype functions with jQuery to simplify your build-in object calls.

Font resizing with jQuery

Posted on Thursday August 11, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

How to resize font with jQuery for visually impaired users or simply if the font is too small.

Indent code in textarea using jQuery

Posted on Sunday December 04, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

Use a Tab or Spaces to indent your code in the textarea

jQuery Validator: Adding a No Space validation

Posted on Thursday December 15, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

How to prevent entering white spaces in your form using jQuery Validation.

jTextHighlighter : Highlight Text with jQuery

Posted on Saturday October 13, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Highlight any text or word in a paragraph using the jTextHighlighter jQuery Plugin.

Quick introduction to pushState with Ajax

Posted on Saturday October 27, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

Learn how to use the pushState method and use it with Ajax content.

Setting cookies with jQuery

Posted on Monday August 15, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

How to create, set and delete Cookies in JavaScript using jQuery

Simulate the anchor click with jQuery

Posted on Monday September 12, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

Quick tip on how to simulate anchor links using jQuery to help your SEO.

Structure Expansion For tables and divs using jQuery

Posted on Tuesday March 20, 2012 / by Yelvy Buitrago

How to expand structures using jQuery in tables or divs.

Top 5 jQuery tips for your site

Posted on Monday June 06, 2011 / by Eric Potvin

Tips for your site that will help improve the way you use jQuery.

Understanding the easing effect in jQuery

Posted on Saturday November 03, 2012 / by Eric Potvin

What are the different easing effects in jQuery and how they animate.