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Install VNC Server and VNC Client on Ubuntu

Here's a quick tutorial on how to install VNC (client and server) on Ubuntu.


First of all, let's install vnc4server

sudo aptitude install vnc4server

After this is installed, run it. This will show something like:

You will require a password to access your desktops.

Password too long - only the first 8 characters will be used
xauth:  creating new authority file /home/server/.Xauthority

New 'server:1 (root)' desktop is server:1

Creating default startup script /home/server/.vnc/xstartup
Starting applications specified in /home/server/.vnc/xstartup
Log file is /home/media/.vnc/media:1.log

Once this is completed, you have to allow access using the remote desktop tool.


Install the client using this command:

sudo aptitude install xvnc4viewer

Then simply run it:

xvnc4viewer LowColourLevel=1