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Find Hardware Specs in Linux

It might be important, at some point, to know what your computer really is. The "lshw" tool tells you the truth about what do you have in hand. This tool also can be filtered by components such as memory, disk, graphic or network.

To get all specs for your computer simply type:

sudo lshw

Memory check

sudo lshw -C memory

To see the status of your memory, simply type:

cat /proc/meminfo

CPU check

sudo lshw -C cpu


cat /proc/cpuinfo

Disk check

sudo lshw -C disk


sudo hdparm -I /dev/sda

You might have to run: sudo fdisk -l to find out where your drive is.

Network check

sudo lshw -C network


lspci | egrep 'Ethernet|Network'

Graphic (GPU) check

sudo lshw -C display


lspci | egrep 'VGA|Display'

Is there any discrepancy between what the salesmen told you and the computer specs?