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Ajax Response: JSON or XML?

Posted on Saturday 11th of August 2012 by Eric Potvin

Caching, performance, output, complexity: Stop using XML and start using jSon

Create better jQuery plugins

Posted on Wednesday 18th of April 2012 by Eric Potvin

Tips on how to create better, reliable and easy to use jQuery Plugins.

Extend your own jQuery code

Posted on Wednesday 13th of July 2011 by Eric Potvin

Create custom JavaScript prototype functions with jQuery to simplify your build-in object calls.

Font resizing with jQuery

Posted on Thursday 11th of August 2011 by Eric Potvin

How to resize font with jQuery for visually impaired users or simply if the font is too small.

Setting cookies with jQuery

Posted on Monday 15th of August 2011 by Eric Potvin

How to create, set and delete Cookies in JavaScript using jQuery