Post install scripts

Posted on Wednesday March 06, 2013 by Eric Potvin

Post Install Scrpits

The script perform the following actions:

  • Hide Ubuntu desktop icons
  • Disable overlay scrollbars in Ubuntu
  • Disable Unity Menu Bar
  • Disable the HUD when pressing the ALT key
  • Disable the drum beat sound in Ubuntu
  • Install Apple/Microsoft fonts in Ubuntu
  • Always show location in Nautilus
  • Disabling privacy invasive Zeitgeist
  • Fix Adobe flash player version is not supported
  • Custom install/uninstall applications
    • uninstall: thunderbird, totem, transmission, empathy, gwibber, shotwell, ubuntuone, purge gnomine, sudoku, mahjongg
    • install: hal, vim, aptitude, pidgin, xvnc4viewer, filezilla, gthumb, myunity